Button does not receive mouseUP after disabling then enabling button

Martin Koob mkoob at rogers.com
Sat Aug 15 21:45:34 CEST 2015

I have a button that when the user clicks it it needs to be disabled till a
process that the mouseUp started is done then it is re-enabled once the
process is done and the user should be able to click it again.  

The problem I am encountering is that once the button is re-enabled if the
mouse has not moved within the button after the mouse was re-enabled the
mouseUp is not received by the button script.  

If you move the mouse before clicking then the button script will receive
the mouseUp.
If you click the button without moving after it was reenabled then click
again the mouseUp from the second click will be received.

You can replicate this by following these steps.

1. put the following script in a button.

on mouseUp
      setState "off"
      send "setState on" to me in 3 seconds
end mouseUp

on setState pState
   lock screen
   if pState is "on" then
      enable me
      set the name of me to "on"
      disable me
      set the name of me to "off"
   end if
   unlock screen
end setState

2. click the button but don't move the mouse pointer after that. (not moving
pointer works best with clicking on trackpad)
->the button will be disabled then enabled in 3 seconds.
3. click the button a second time
->nothing happens.
4. click the button a third time
->the mouseUp is received this time

If in step 2 you move the mouse within the button after it is enabled before
clicking it the mouseUp will be received.

It seems by disabling and reenabling the mouseButton LC loses track of where
the mouse pointer is so the button does not receive the click.   Is there a
way to remind the button that the mouse is over it without physically moving
the mouse?   I tried locking the screen or sending mouseMove messages to the
button once it is enabled but that does not  work.

Is this a known issue?  Should I post a bug report?  I am using LC 6.7.3.

Martin Koob

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