Downloaded stacks on iOS

Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Sat Aug 15 04:20:09 CEST 2015

Has any LC developer actually tried?

"Third, Apple's stance on this is a little ambiguous. It seems to be 
allowed by Apple's rules, so long as you don't use your newfound 
app-updating superpowers to "turn your Dora the Explorer app into a 
zombie apocalypse app," Arbesfeld says."

e.g. if I have an app where all the background graphics fonts, styles 
navigation etc is all in and approved and the app is live..

then I have a button that says "Play Unjumble"... and we do a call

put url ("http://www.mydomain/stacks/unjumble.livecode") into url 
("binfile: ~[enginepath]/modules/unjumble.livecode")

# (would this be valid syntax... do we need to save LC stacks as binary 
for them to work)

where "unjumble" has the exact same "eye candy" as the main app... so 
that it looks and feels exactly like the original approved app.

Has anyone actually tried this?
Can we do it on Android?

Swasti Astu, Be Well!

Kauai's Hindu Monastery

Richard Gaskin wrote:
> Interesting find in my morning reading:
> This little startup is solving one of the biggest frustrations with 
> Apple's App Store
> <> 
> What his AppHub service does is the equivalent of LiveCode developers 
> handling updates via downloaded stack files.
> Historically many in our community have avoided that practice on iOS 
> given Apple's strict rules, but this article describes those rules as 
> "ambiguous", and thus far Apple hasn't shut down any apps using the 
> AppHub mechanism (though that may be because there are so few at the 
> moment).
> Being able to handle our own updates without app store delays is very 
> exciting - anyone here have any relevant experience with Apple which 
> would help us appreciate whether downloaded stack files is a good 
> thing to build one's architecture around, or if Apple is likely to 
> just snuff out AppHub?

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