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Graham Samuel wrote:

 > This conversation (about version control for LS projects worked on
 > by teams, not really about BAF at all at this point) is beginning
 > to go over my head. Long ago I worked in enormous projects (not far
 > off 100 people) without comprehensive version control, and I guess
 > we did something like Brahmanathaswami is describing here… frankly
 > I think one has to be scared of systems which require command-line
 > gnomes to operate them; likewise one has to be scared of team-support
 > systems that don’t have some form of regression-testing and
 > integration framework available as well as pure version control.
 > To me the ideal is a system which can be explained to a team in an
 > hour and which everyone can then stick to. My (fractured) reading of
 > this conversation gives me the idea that we are approaching Gnome-
 > ville, where really nothing can be explained in an hour.
 > I suppose this semi-rant is a plea to keep us less nerdy folk in the
 > loop by explaining all the concepts of LC-working-in-a-version-
 > controlled-context in a non-jargon-filled way. Any takers?

Github is very powerful, but was designed by the Linux kernel team and 
evidences the same level of interest in usability. :)  It's not that 
usability isn't a high priority for many Linux projects (run Ubuntu for 
a month and see if you're not at least as productive as with OS X), but 
that level of GUI usability isn't a consideration for a kernel team.

I've been looking for a quickly-readable Github For Noobs, but haven't 
found one yet.  With so many things that it does, it may not be possible 
to describe is succinctly; I don't know, I'll leave that to the others 
who use it regularly.

For lcVCS, I'd like to believe that the community can come together and 
help flesh out any IDE plugins or other components that can support 
Monte's good work, so the end result is both powerful and readily usable.

 > PS Just going back to the BAF, where does object-oriented programming
 > come in, and what does it do to the current model in which LC
 > operates?

I'm curious about that too.  OOP purists love to argue about what 
constitutes true OOP, and I enjoy popcorn, so it'll be good to learn 
more about that.

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