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Fri Aug 14 14:24:01 CEST 2015

Well said!

(Indy licence holder and Kickstarter contributor).

> On 14 Aug 2015, at 14:12, Roger Eller <roger.e.eller at> wrote:
> Not contributing time and code does not necessarily make one a leech!  Many
> of us contributed monetarily to the kickstarter, and I believe that earns
> us just as many beech points as anybody.  Climb down off that high horse.
> We can hardly see you way up there.
> Everyone should be able to have input, IMHO.
> On Aug 14, 2015 6:04 AM, "Kay C Lan" <lan.kc.macmail at> wrote:
>>> illustrates to me that the community is very concerned about the
>>> possibility of a two-tiered livecode environment where we need to pay
>> extra
>>> to get added premium features that we all will want.
>> I wasn't going to post but this is such and oxymoron, and so prevalent here
>> I just can't constrain myself.
>> I'm not a big Dual Licence user but of those companies I deal with that do
>> such a thing, it seems this is EXACTLY what happens, open source users
>> DON'T get what the premium users are paying for. Lets take just one small
>> example: MySQL, where an Enterprise license only costs US5000 as year. Lets
>> see what features they get that the Community Users don't get:
>> MySQL Fabric
>> MySQL Partitioning
>> MySQL Utilities
>> Storage Engine: NDB
>> MySQL Enterprise Dashboard
>> MySQL Enterprise Advisor
>> MySQL Query Analyzer
>> MySQL Replication Monitor
>> Hot Backup for InnoDB
>> Full, Incremental, Partial, Optimistic Backup
>> Full, Partial, Selective, Hot Selective Restore
>> Encryption and Compression
>> Point-in-Time-Recovery
>> MySQL Enterprise Authentication
>> MySQL Enterprise Encryption
>> MySQL Enterprise Firewall
>> MySQL Enterprise Audit
>> Thread pool
>> HA using Oracle VM Template
>> HA using Oracle Linux and DRBD
>> HA using Oracle Clusterware
>> HA using Solaris Clustering
>> HA using Windows Clustering
>> Configuration and Provisioning
>> Automatic Scaling
>> Management and Monitoring
>> ...
>> and the list goes on and on.
>> For the "World's most popular open source database" there seems to be a
>> MASSIVE difference between the features the Community gets compared to
>> those who purchase and Enterprise license. From my perspective LiveCode Ltd
>> seem to be dragging their feet a bit and if I'd purchased an Enterprise
>> License I might wish to complain that I'm not getting enough 'extras'.
>> I, personally think I've got excellent value for money from LiveCode Ltd. I
>> got what I wanted from the KickStarter campaign plus more. But maybe I just
>> have a far more realistic view on life, the universe, and software
>> development.
>> Where I live and work there is no social security, if you don't work, you
>> don't eat. It's survival of the fittest. The thought of people just
>> leeching off society is just abhorrent. It's interesting how such attitudes
>> make a community work, thrive and survive.
>> So please, when you post negative comments about all that is wrong with the
>> LiveCode Community, please include an estimate of the number of hours a
>> week you spend posting to this list, and the number of hours you spend
>> adding to Community Edition - either directly to the Engine/IDE or some
>> Community Software like lcVCS or GLX2. Because from my perspective the only
>> worrying concern with regard to LiveCode Community is the number of leeches
>> compared to the numbers actually contributing.
>> 1 hr posting / 0 hrs improving LC Community - I'm a leech.
>> I find it interesting that the few open source communities I deal with, all
>> of them suffer the same situation, those that expend the most ($, time and
>> effort) in the Community seem to complain the least (as seen by the few
>> previous posts focusing on what can be done to get lcVCS really working)
>> and those that expend the least complain the most.
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