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Thu Aug 13 19:51:01 CEST 2015

Aloha, Kevin:

A well considered response. I'll be with you for the long haul, no 
question about that.

Please do consider - hear our "pleas" for tools that are expected out of 
the box in an open source arena

1) long, long, long, long standing request SFTP on board. Make a widget 
fo that asap and there will be cheers in digital heaven.

  LC is probably the only app I have on my box that still cannot make a 
secure file transfer to a web server. Even silly little things like 
Skitch screen saver can SFTP to our web server. I'm planning to use 
Richards idea of shell + keys.. but I have to go around to all the work 
stations here and make keys for everyone on the team.. I shouldn't have 
to do that.

2) Clearly a collaborative environment is significant. I follow with 
interest the brilliant discussion between Monte and Mark... stacks are a 
multi-armed beastie and we appreciate the challenges there.

3) Work needs to continue on the IDE to bring it up to the high end 
graphical interface content creation standards of today's world.  IMHO 
you need to put more energy there... a small focus team of graphic 
designers who think in terms of building love "eye candy." hammering on 
the IDE would get you a long way in a short time.  Nasty things like not 
being able to set the vertical height of a label in a button, because 
you don't keep the line height property exposed in the inspector.. 
etc... these all need fixed... and don't required any engine changes... 
my long standing rant that you really need to make it easier to build 
"elegant looking" UI  can all be easily implement via the IDE with few 
changes in the engine

MVC and object oriented etc are a bit over my head... I look forward to 
finding out exactly what that means. I use revIgniter, so I understand 
the concepts, but we will watch with interest on developments.

  Since you are committed to  a multi-level license scheme.. You could 
consider an interim space between indy and BAF, where those tools are 
made available to individual developers and non-profits for a slightly 
increased annual subscription fee. God knows we pay Abode, and our 
accounting software vendors a lot more than we ever pay RunRev.. so I'm 
sure I could live with a  price increase for some kind of license like 
that. Of course I don't even understand what the BAF offers yet, so this 
is all speculation.

Yes, we need to all appreciate the requirements for you to have a 
revenue stream, not only to drive the product forward, but so your team 
can put money into their kids educational funds and have enough 
expendable cash to enjoy life.  Sometimes when I see the open source 
complaints I wonder if they forget there are real people in Scotland who 
have to put food on the table at home.  So I'm with you there.

The player object seems to be moving forward, thank you. I look forward 
to testing the new on in 7.1

Many blessings from Hawaii. May you succeed in these goals!

Swasti Astu, Be Well!

Kevin Miller wrote:
> Thank you to everyone for all your input so far.
> Kickstarter was never intended to cover all development costs for
> everything we do. Software moves on, platforms move on, development
> continues at an astonishing speed in the digital world. Kickstarter was
> intended to fund extra developers to help deliver the clearly defined
> Kickstarter goals. It was also intended to allow you, the community, to
> contribute more, directly, to the development of LiveCode.
> We¹ve gone Open Source, done the refactor project, the last major piece
> needed to fulfill the remaining stretch goals is the extensibility of 8.
> That is maturing rapidly. We¹ve spent well over 2x the total we raised in
> getting to where we are now. A big component of that is the funds that
> come from our commercial licensing revenue. So from an Open Source backer
> perspective, you should be aware that we¹ve more than match funded the
> entire campaign so far! Yes, its taken longer than projected. This does
> not lessen our commitment to any of it. Be comforted by this calculation:
> delivering everything we've done so far *without* the crowdfunding
> campaigns we estimate would have taken us around 15 years. We've done it
> in two. Thank you.
> We said during Kickstarter that the product would be dual licensed. That
> means we have an Open Source Community Edition and a closed source
> Commercial Edition. We made it clear we would continue to have a
> commercial product. At no stage did we ever imply otherwise.
> We¹ve tweaked the product lineup periodically as lots of tech companies
> do. The Business License is an iteration on the Pro license which has been
> in the store for a long time. The Business Framework and the other
> business features we¹re working on have nothing to do with the Kickstarter
> goals. Indeed success with these initiatives simply mean we¹re in a
> position to further invest in Open Source, bringing many features that go
> beyond the original Kickstarter goals. And with the extensibility coming
> in 8, we expect to see far more code contributions and community created
> widgets. That whole process will be far easier and offer much greater
> flexibility to those of you that want to get more involved in the
> Community side of things.
> Anyone who knows us knows that we wouldn¹t do something like going Open
> Source if it wasn¹t something we believed in. The fact that we have
> delivered, and will continue to deliver, the vast majority of our effort
> in that way speaks for itself and will continue to do so. You chose to
> back a commercial company, and we have a responsibility to everyone to run
> a viable organization that properly services the needs of our whole user
> base. There is never a perfect way to please absolutely everyone,
> compromises have to be made along the way. We continue to consult our user
> base very widely, listen to feedback and carefully weigh things up so we
> can balance the needs of as many in our community as we possibly can.
> We¹ve done that, for the most part successfully for many years. That is
> what we are going to continue to do.
> Kind regards,
> Kevin
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