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Monte Goulding monte at
Thu Aug 13 07:27:27 EDT 2015

> On 13 Aug 2015, at 9:09 pm, Mark Waddingham <mark at> wrote:
>> True but it’s not like there aren’t other funky file formats in
>> GitHub… storyboard, xib etc.. nasty stuff. Keep the UI as code light
>> as possible and the code in nicely named scriptified stacks and it’s
>> reasonable as far as I can tell. You could even put in some commit
>> hooks to enforce a rule on the script length of objects script to
>> force code into these libraries...
> That's very true. Indeed, perhaps one could argue that GitHub needs service-hooks which allow customization of merging and diff display. That general feature there would solve the VCS problem in a natural way for a number of types of data which are needed in modern software projects.

That would be nice… All we really need is a spot to display some the long name of the object. Getting the long name of an object given an properties or script file is a feature of my CLI. I also have a UI that shows modified objects etc in a tree. That doesn’t help on GitHub though obviously. For a while I was considering seeing how difficult it would be to add a some features for LC to GitLab but it really would be nicer to have a service that could work with any of the hosts.
>> Is that ever going to happen though? There’s too much intermingled
>> data, script and UI in LC to do that I think.
> I was chatting to Peter about that this morning - he is less optimistic about there being 'natural general solution' than I. He is probably, lamentably, right.

One thing worth considering is as complex widgets develop the number of objects on a stack should reduce dramatically making it much easier to work out what you’re looking at. Combined with scriptified stacks it’s starting to look like a reasonable solution.

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