Business Application Framework

Monte Goulding monte at
Wed Aug 12 17:49:55 EDT 2015

> 1. Why hasn't this been more widely promoted?

It's only been promoted on the lists, forums and Facebook. For a while RunRev were going to buy it, then they decided to do their own so I stopped pushing ahead with lcVCS as it appeared to be a waste of time. Now this and maybe it's back in the game.. Not sure yet.
> 2. Why hasn't it been submitted to the only resource-sharing tool we have built into the IDE?

I'm not sure I've ever looked in there... Is it worthwhile?

Before you get excited lcVCS doesn't support LC 8 yet because I'd need to depend on IDE code to do it at the moment and that seems risky. That and there appeared to be no point working on it until today...

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