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Richmond richmondmathewson at
Wed Aug 12 17:13:20 EDT 2015

On 12/08/15 23:52, Andrew Kluthe wrote:
> Monte said himself that he was going to stop improving it in major ways as
> he expected Livecode Community to have native git support that Livecode
> Community's steward company was working on.
> Many of us thought this feature was probably a WHEN and not and IF. Sure it
> wasn't in the open source roadmap but most of us assumed that the features
> available in the open source version didn't STOP at the roadmap's end.


I was led to believe (whether by what RunRev/LiveCode stated at the 
time, or my own
naivety coupled with my unbounded enthusiasm at the possibility of an 
Open Source
version) that the Open Source version would always maintain *feature 
parity* with the
Commercial version beyond the ability to password protect scripts.

> These decisions increasingly seem to indicate that the alarmist rhetoric
> surrounding the possibility of a nerfed/restricted community version wasn't
> so much alarmist rhetoric as actual concerns that we are starting to see
> manifest here.

One of my other names is Cassandra.

>   I feel like this is a programming version of a "free to
> play" game. Sure it's free but if you want do anything "serious" with it
> you are going to have to grind like crazy or pay a premium in the form of
> in-game tokens. There is a reason those kind of games are both generating
> tons of income for those hooked by it while simultaneously being reviled at
> large.

Yup: I have had quite a few kids who attend my school getting themselves 
into the brown stuff
by entering the numbers from Daddy's credit card during those games.

When I got my iPad I installed a couple of mahjong games I like, but 
deleted both of them
within a week because of the "cough up now for jazzier layouts" messages 
that would come up and
block the screen at important moments.

If I'm going to buy something, I'm going to buy something; but if 
something is offered to me as free
I'm just not going to pay later.

What an old friend of mine used to call "A right Whoreson's".

Even if nothing else, LiveCode have successfully managed to alienate a 
significant number
of their much-vaunted 'community'; and it is obvious that they intended 
to do this (unless they
are even more insensitive than I am) as they have had about 3 stabs at 
it since the release of the
Open Source version - each one increasingly snotty.


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