Release 6.7.7 RC 2

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Aug 12 20:29:20 CEST 2015

Richmond wrote:
> This probably an extremely stupid question, and I have asked something
> very similar before:
> Now LiveCode 7 is at 7.1 what is the point of continuing to release 6.7
> upgrades?

Like version 5.x, and 4.x, and all earlier versions, at some point we 
can expect 6.x to be EOL'd.

The team has already made reference to another 6.x version, so we know 
it'll have at least several more weeks of maintenance.

But we all recognize it take resources away from other development to 
maintain older versions, so it's in everyone's interest to be using v7 
now, and if you find anything that prevents you from using v7 to file 
the bug report so it can be fixed ASAP.

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