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Kevin Miller kevin at
Wed Aug 12 13:01:46 EDT 2015

Hi Brahmanathaswami,

Thank you for all your support, we really appreciate it.

Let me clarify a few things here.

The Business Application Framework is a framework for writing more serious
applications in LiveCode. It is far more than simply adding ³GitHub" to
LiveCode. It brings in advanced concepts such as object-orientation, a
model-view controller architecture and hooks into data sync and other
heavyweight features. It is not for everyone. If you are an individual
building an application then you might want to evaluate whether its worth
the extra effort, level of complexity and abstractions associated with
using it.

If you want VCS in the Open Source Community or Indy edition, there is
already lcVCS out there, together with various other solutions we¹ve seen
people using. I would also remind you that LiveCode is Open Source (one of
the biggest goals of the KS campaign, delivered a month after). What this
means is that if you want you can build whatever features you like for it
and make them available. If you need features along these lines then you
can add them yourself. If you want features for free then you can make
them, or look to see if they are part of our extensive crowd-funded road
map and thus either being provided or coming shortly. If you want us to
provide things outside of that then yes, it costs money for us to make

The Business License also comes with things like the ability to build
closed source applications for larger organizations and priority tech
support. If you are building a serious application in a team then you¹re
probably receiving considerable value from LiveCode. Options like this
framework, together with things like the technical support options, might
be a big help in getting additional value and productivity advantages from
the platform.

As far as your point about having a subscription into the future with
Indy, we are still delivering that. Nothing has changed. These business
features are brand new. They have not been mentioned in Kickstarter, in
the HTML5 campaign or indeed in any other public announcement that I¹m
aware of. 

We¹ve advertised a road map against these campaigns and are a good way
through on delivering the largest, most extensive, most capable versions
of LiveCode you¹ve ever seen. You¹re getting value from that road map with
LiveCode today, last year, next year and you¹ve paid a fair sum for that
value. I don¹t see what the problem is here. We do need to provide
solutions for different markets. In a model where the vast majority of
customers are using Open Source, we need to be providing good value to our
higher end customers in order to be viable and thrive. That lets us
continue to develop and support the platform proactively for everyone -
including the Open Source users, the Indy users like yourself and the
bigger business users who need these new features.

It is even possible that some of these new business oriented features will
filter down into Open Source at some point in the future. But for now,
they are aimed carefully at the needs of our more serious business

Kind regards,


Kevin Miller ~ kevin at ~
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On 12/08/2015 15:52, "Brahmanathaswami, Sannyasin" <brahma at>

>Where did this announcement appear? I haven't seen it in my email and it's
>not in my spam.
>I have to agree.

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