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Richmond richmondmathewson at
Wed Aug 12 12:02:20 EDT 2015

On 12/08/15 18:47, Magicgate Software - Skip Kimpel wrote:
> Here is the email arriving from Kevin yesterday... Subject: Something Big

This is capable of a number of interpretations.

> ----
> I want to improve your business, your cash flow, and your development work.

I want to improve *my* business and *my* cash flow.
> To do this, we launched a new Business Application Framework. This
> framework brings object-oriented programming to LiveCode, is compatible
> with GIT and other version management systems, and allows you to do your
> LiveCoding work in teams. Go ahead, do a happy dance.

Well, I'll do a *happy dance* if this finally cracks the difficulty my 
firm (RunRev)
is going through at the moment.
> We're also introducing the new Business License with bolt-on features.
> Business License bolt-ons include Guaranteed 2 Business Day Email
> Support, Business Application Framework, Data Synchronization
> Framework, Priority Bug Fix, Phone Skype Hotline Access, and PDF Viewer.
> When you purchase a new Business License, you receive credits with which
> you can purchase Business bolt-ons.
> *If you purchase the Business License now, you will receive 20 bolt-on
> tokens (Most major bolt-ons will start at 10 tokens. However, some bolt-ons
> may be available for as little as one token). This offer will not last
> forever and when it ends, each Business License will only come with 10
> bolt-on tokens. You can, of course, purchase additional tokens at any time.*
> For an additional cost, you can access exclusive rights to our Services,
> including Hack Days, Priority Feature Add, Code Reviews, and Code
> Documentation Services, to name a few.
> *You can read more about the new Business License and purchase it with 20
> tokens here:*
> <>
> Our goal with our new business features and benefits is to empower you to
> leverage the productivity and ease-of-use advantages that you enjoy with
> LiveCode across much larger projects. As a provider of an amazing tool, we
> want to become your trusted partner and be there to ensure your entire app
> development experience is a huge success.
> I look forward to working together.
> Kind Regards,
> Kevin Miller
> PS - Of course, if you have an existing business license, you can continue
> to the end of your current term before moving to the new Business License.
> If you wish, you may upgrade to the new Business License immediately for
> the difference in price and receive the new benefits before the end of your
> current term. It's up to you! Any further questions regarding business
> license transitions can be sent to: business at

Now we might also wonder if RunRev are going to shift their attention to 
the BAF what is going to
happen to some of the uncompleted stretch goals from the Open Source 
thing, the HTML5 project
and general bug ironing out on the core product (LiveCode).

Why have I got the impression, over about 15 years, that Runtime 
Revolution looks like a teenage kid with
ADS. Every day a new idea, none of which really reach fruition. After a 
while with a person like this one would
start to wonder about their reliability to finish anything at all.

I do think that a large number of people who donated towards the 2 
fundraisers are going to ask the questions they have
asked previously, but rather louder.

I would never suggest that RunRev should start trying to work without 
any income, but I wonder if this is the best way to do
things. While it may attract business people it may also serve to 
alienate a lot of people who RunRev, one way or another, depend upon.


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