[YO EDINBURGH!] Microsoft Open-Sources It's Toolkit For Making iOS Apps Run On Win 10

Malte Brill revolution at derbrill.de
Mon Aug 10 17:48:52 CEST 2015

> I think the majority of you have iOS devices
> because it is what you LIKE, not because it represents what the majority or
> even half of the population HAVE.

While I agree that feature (and syntax) parity is not (yet) achieved in liveCode (And why on earth do the mobile commands STILL throw errors in the IDE?) I disagree that it necessariely makes sense to run after a certain platform only because there are more devices sold. A broader market of devices to deploy to, not necessariely gives us better ROI. If the users buy the cheap devices, they are less likely to open the purse for apps (monetize via ads?) If we develop for business users, not end users (who are much more likely to open the purse for development / consulting) then we can expend only high end / prestige devices. 

While I know that many of you alreay deploy to mobile and some of you surely monetize there, I also still find too many hoops to jump through before I regard it as a viable platform.I certainly wish for a more optimized engine with syntax parity wherever possible. But with the current engine I would not bet my income on targeting on building liveCode apps for low end devices.

3 € cents (due to inflation)

All the best,


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