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Just so you know what is going on.  Each time a change in made to a 
field, a lot of management code is executed to properly render the field 
in case it is needed to be visible.   So when a field is modified within 
a loop, that field management code is executed over and over.   When the 
data is moved into a variable then manipulated the field management code 
is only executed when the results are put back into the field.

In almost all cases it is much faster to copy a field into a variable, 
manipulate the data, then put it back in the field when you want to make 
it visible.


On 8/9/15 4:22 PM, Richmond wrote:
> On 09/08/15 23:03, Richard Gaskin wrote:
>> Richmond wrote:
>> > "Just" by loading the textFields into variables the whole script runs
>> > considerably faster
>> If you did the same with the output it'd get even faster.
> Aha.
> Richmond.
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