[OT-ish] naming a MeetUp group

Colin Holgate colinholgate at gmail.com
Sat Aug 8 19:45:32 EDT 2015

I progressed with the Meetup page. I settled on:

NYC High Level App Development Tools Meetup

that covers desktop and mobile. I didn’t go for rapid development because apps take a long time to develop, even if the coding part is made easier. It’s generally not rapid.

I can’t see how to edit my description, and now that I see the mock up page, the description doesn’t all fit. Here’s what I wrote:

"Objective-C and Java are scary! Even Swift needs a deep understanding of how Xcode works. But, life doesn't have to be like that. There are several authoring tools that can develop apps using graphics to achieve a lot of the needs, and more understandable programming languages to do the coding. If you ever go to Meetups because you have an idea for an app, but you find yourself being completely confused by the technicalities of the presentation, you should come to this Meetup instead!”

The “n” of ‘presentation’ is where it gets cut off.

The costs are $10 if you expect 50 members and four organizers, or $15 for unlimited. Clearly unlimited is the better deal, if you’re an optimist.

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