Extracting a reference to a stack

David Bovill david at viral.academy
Sun Aug 9 01:20:16 CEST 2015

Wow - lot's of cool examples. Richards is one of the shortest - but breaks
theoretically if a stack is named weirdly. Thierry gets the nerdy award,
and mark for digging up the new offset feature (which I think is the
feature I remember).

By the way one of the most puzzling aspects of software conventions is to
publish your documentation as pdf's - presumably so you can print the
things. Can we not have the Livecode release notes published as searchable
HTML - or has someone rescued this valuable archive from this historical
lunacy already? As in do I really have to manually read through all these
pdf's to find this feature documented, or perhaps import them to Evernote,

Back to the mission of perfecting the stack_Object of a control - I seem to
remember it had something to do with tokens or a newer equivalent -
combining that with Marks remembrance we have:

   put the long name of control "this is a stack of rubbish" into
> someControl
>    set the wholematches to true
>    put word (wordOffset ("stack", someControl)) to -1 of someControl

the new feature is tokenoffset - but it does not seem to work. wordofffset
will do the job as it ignores anything that is quoted (this surprised me).

On 8 August 2015 at 23:51, Richard Gaskin <ambassador at fourthworld.com>

> dunbarx wrote:
> Wait just a doggone minute. The long id of a control contains the stack
>> reference.
> Yep - and being a lazy person this is how I get the stack reference:
> function ObjectStack pObj
>    return char (offset(" of stack ", pObj)+4) to -1 of pObj
> end ObjectStack
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