Local Path for Mobile

Ralph DiMola rdimolad at evergreeninfo.net
Sat Aug 8 18:23:30 EDT 2015

File in the stack are in "the engine folder" and it's sub folders. This is read only.

You can store files in "the documents folder".

Check the docs for other folder options. 

I have a function "TheEngineFolder" that returns the engine folder on mobile and the location of the included assets when in the IDE. This allows testing using the same code. 

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</div>Complete mobile newbie here... will be coming with my begging bowl out  
a lot in the days to come.

Is this good for mobile also?

function localPath
    put the effective filename of this stack into tPath
    set the itemdel to "/"
    delete item -1 of tPath
    put "/" after tPath
    return tPath
end localPath

where we need to reference images, icons, text files and other data..

we can fetch things  with

set the defaultfolder to (localPath() &"img/icons")
put the files


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