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I am having the same problem with user registration. The sendmail shell take
11-15 seconds to complete. I reported this to David W.
[Ticket#2015072310005161] His response:

>On 7/23/2015 David Williams wrote: 
>Regarding the delay in sending an email, this could be due to a variety of
reasons such as the mail server being busy, or other factors related to the
>underlying system. 
>However, it may be possible to avoid this by adding a & symbol at the end
of the shell command, which causes it to detach from the process and return
>the shell command immediately. I will investigate and get back to you.

I have not heard back yet.

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christer wrote:

 > My app uses Tio, and the latency is really severe. A new user won't  >
accept 10 sec wait, not to speak about 30. The latency prohibits  > user's
registration and also user's relicensing. RR should focus the  > issue
because it is a showstopper.

With a delay that long they probably will once they see your bug report.

What's the bug report number?

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