Could someone explain this por favor ?

jbv at jbv at
Fri Aug 7 14:34:48 CEST 2015


When I run this simple test on my Mac (no client / server),
it works no matter how many successive "get URLdecode(it)"
lines :

   get "the sky is blue"
   get compress(it)
   get base64encode(it)
   get URLencode(it)
   get URLdecode(it)
   get URLdecode(it)
   get base64decode(it)
   get decompress(it)
   put it

So, if Apache already does URLdecode in a POST request,
why does decompress throw an error ?
Could it be that the Apache URLdecode screws the content
of the string ?


> NVM, urlencode does indeed change the base64 encoded data, but still
> doesn't seem to be much point. Having said that, Mark is right. (Marks
> usually are)
> Since its the decompress that throws the error, (as I've just seen on my
> own test) it is looking like what goes in using urlencode, and what comes
> out, are not the same.  Since, as Mark said, apache decodes when the data
> comes in, then its likely that the second urldecode (done by you, after
> the
> server has done it once) munges things to the point where decompress can't
> work.

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