dontuseqt per player object, did I dream this?

Peter TB Brett peter.brett at
Wed Aug 5 15:40:29 CEST 2015

On 2015-08-05 15:24, Klaus major-k wrote:
> Hi friends,
> I thought I had read about this new feature in 7.1, where we can set 
> dontuseqt
> for each player object independently. I chckecked the release notes for 
> 7.1
> but did not find anything.
> Did I dream this?
> Any mind easing insight welcome, thanks!

Hi Klaus,

 From 7.0.6 you could set dontuseqt independently for each player object 
on Windows.

We will soon extend this to OS X as well.  This change hasn't been 
released yet.  If it is not released in 7.1.0-rc-1, then it will be 
released in 7.1.1-rc-1.


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