Control structure with "not"

Scott Rossi scott at
Tue Aug 4 23:44:38 CEST 2015

One option, if I understand what you're asking:

on doThisThing tSender
   repeat for each item theVar in "Apple,Peach,Grape"
      do "put (tSender <> theVar) into" && ("tSwitch" & theVar)
   end repeat
end doThisThing


Scott Rossi
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On 8/4/15, 2:24 PM, "Peter Bogdanoff" <bogdanoff at> wrote:

>Is it possible to convert this to a switch control structure, or
>otherwise refined somehow? The ³not² is what I need, and the setting has
>to be always ³true²:
>on doThisThing tSender
>	if tSender is not ³Apple² then
>		set tSwitchApple to true
>	end if
>	if Sender is not ³Peach² then
>		set tSwitchPeach to true
>	end if
>	if Sender is not ³Grape² then
>		set tSwitchGrape to true
>	end if
>end doThisThing
>Peter Bogdanoff
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