mergJSON, externals and Livecode Server

Lyn Teyla lyn.teyla at
Tue Aug 4 10:20:15 EDT 2015

David Bovill wrote:

> Monte's external is available for all platforms - so it should work on the
> server I think the the "" is the version I believe that is used
> on Linux. Puttin it in the cgi bin along side the built in externals does
> not seem to be sufficient. How does basic extension configuration work on a
> server?

If you're running the 64-bit version of Ubuntu 14.04, mergJSON doesn't work off the shelf, since there's currently only a 32-bit version available officially.

There's a forum thread concerning the issue, including a tip from Monte on how you can temporarily recompile your own:

Alternatively (and as a possibly less desirable option, depending on your needs), you could install the 32-bit libs for Ubuntu, then run the 32-bit version of LiveCode Server 7.

Note that the 64-bit version of LiveCode Server 7 does run into at least one other known issue, which is that the included driver isn't functioning (if you need that):

There may be other issues that I'm unaware of. Otherwise, it runs well for the most part.


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