OT-ish: Dreamhost and LiveCode?

Alex Tweedly alex at tweedly.net
Sat Aug 1 02:03:01 CEST 2015

If the issue is just with fonts, why have the flag be "-g" to turn off 
all graphics ?
Why not "-f" to turn off font initialization ?

I have a number of scripts that render graphics (resize images, 
on-the-fly thumbnails, etc.) but none that need to render fonts, and I'd 
imagine there are various other reasons why you might want to keep some 
graphics capabilities without ever needing to do anything with 
text+graphics on a server

btw - I agree with Malte it should (somehow) be done per-script rather 
than more globally.


On 31/07/2015 19:08, Richard Gaskin wrote:
> Add an optional command line flag to turn off graphics initialization, 
> including fonts.  I proposed using -g for this, similar to how we 
> already have -ui for bypassing GUI initialization in the desktop engine.
> For users this would mean that the subset of those who've noticed big 
> slowdowns from font initialization could boost throughput by just 
> adding that flag to their .htaccess directive.

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