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I believe that you must use a style of "checkmark" for initialIndex to work.

1-based means if:
line 1 is "picked" then 1 is returned.
line 2 is "picked" then 2 is returned...

0-based means if:
line 1 is "picked" then 0 is returned.
line 2 is "picked" then 1 is returned.....

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I am using mobilePick to select from a list of data, in iOS. I can’t seem to get the initialIndex to work. The API Dictionary says:

initialIndex - The (1-based) index of the item to be initially highlighted.   

I was assuming that this was just the line number of the optionList, but since it doesn’t work, I figure it must be something else. What dos that line mean? What is a "1-based" index?


William A. Prothero

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