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William Prothero wrote:
> I’m going by the lesson at:
> <>
> to get sound files to play on the iPhone. However, I get no sound in the simulator. It finds the sound files (I test that the file exists), but no sound. And, the player doesn’t show any controls, even tho I have specified to show the controls.
> Can I use the same play commands that I do in the development environment, or do I have to use the special mobile sound commands, like:
> mobilePlaySoundOnChannel commands? I don’t see this in the lessons, so I’m asking.
> So, I guess I’m asking if I have to use completely different commands when in mobile environment. The lesson doesn’t say it.

That lesson includes this note:

    Important: The iPhone simulator appears to have somewhat
    buggy support for sound playback via AVAudioPlayer – it
    will intermittently fail for no reason. Therefore, if
    you are using the play command be sure to test your
    application on a real device.

How does it work when you test on your phone?

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