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Sun Apr 26 14:26:38 EDT 2015

On 4/26/2015 12:56 PM, Terence Heaford wrote:
> Just tried this code snippet
>     put the text of menu "Actions" into tText
>     put "Find.../cmd F" into line 2 of tText
>     set the text of menu "Actions" to tText
> The menu works by mouse but command-F highlights the menubar but does not call the associated script.

The menu item is misconfigured. It should be:

   put "Find.../F" into line 2 of tText

The engine will automatically use the command key unless you specify a 
different one. The easiest way to see what's required for menu items is 
to build a menu using Menu Builder and look at the text it produces.

 From your other post:

> Why do I get brackets added to menu names ((New (Open
> When I click on the menu name for example New, more brackets are added.

The open parenthesis symbol indicates a disabled menu item. There is 
probably a script that disables those items and does not re-enable them. 
If the script adds the parenthesis specifically (rather than using the 
"enable" and "disable" commands,) they can pile up.

A full list of menu and menuitem modifiers are listed in the dictionary 
under the "menu" keyword. It's a little confusing but they're all there.

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