Console container for put function?

Mike Bonner bonnmike at
Thu Apr 23 23:54:48 EDT 2015

Just a straight put is the way to go. Don't think you can "put before"
because it doesn't have direct control of the console terminal scroll and
cursor position.
SO to achieve the same thing you could..
put "Hello "
put "World"
put return

On Thu, Apr 23, 2015 at 9:52 PM, Peter W A Wood <peterwawood at>

> By experimenting, it seems that “putting” text into or after the message
> box container results in the test being output to the console (perhaps
> stdout, perhaps stderr).
> Running this script under LiveCodeServer:
>         put "Hello" into message box
>         put " World" after message box
>         put return
> Displays this on the terminal:
>         $ ./
>         Hello World
> Is there a more correct “container” than message box to use in with the
> put function to send text to the terminal in LiveCodeServer?
> Regards
> Peter
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