Android Intents/iOS Extensions?

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>> On 23 Apr 2015, at 18:43, Richard Gaskin <ambassador at> wrote:
>> 1. Before I dive in, does anyone here know why this wouldn't work?
> Custom URLs and Intents are two different systems. The former requires the app you receive data from to know about your custom URL scheme. The same exists on both iOS and Android. Intents on the other hand, in common with the new iOS extensions, allow your app to register as a potential recipient of certain common actions.
> In both cases you need something different than a URL handler to do the receiving.
> I don't think Intent handling would be particularly difficult to add to the engine. Extensions on iOS would be more complex as the different types have their own APIs.

As far as iOS extensions goes my guess is the simplest thing to do would be to implement these natively. As I mentioned when someone was discussing watches you wouldn't want to load the whole engine for these things. I think you could probably implement them natively and then include in a LC app... may need some standalone builder tweaks.

As Mark suggests it probably wouldn't be that hard to be able to handle multiple intents on android and be notified of the intent that brought the app to foreground and then be able to set some results and quit so the user goes back to the other app.



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