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Thanks Richard and others for you helpful remarks

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Tiemo wrote:

 > I have an array with 20000 records, where I want to extract all  >
records, which either "begins with" or "contains" a search string.
 > Up to now I just loop thru the whole array, do the compare and  > extract
the result records. I wonder, if there is a way to speed  > up this search?
E.g., does it makes a difference, if I compare the  > string in the key or
the data of the array while looping thru? I  > mean, would it make a
difference, if I would create an "associative"
 > array, where my search looks up in the keys of the array, either by  >
looping thru the array, or by extracting first the keys of the array  > into
a separate variable, instead in the data of the original array?
 > Would it make a difference looping thru a variable, which just  >
contains the keys of the array, instead of looping thru the complete  >
array, because of the smaller "footprint" in the memory?
 > Or shouldn't I care about these differences and just let LC makes its  >
 > Any experiences welcome,

I'm not entirely sure I understand the options you've described, but
hopefully this will at least either help or be mildly amusing:

   go url ""

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