iOS app crashes under iOS 8.3 sporadically when doing a revopendb

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I have!! (hand waving in the air)

This will be fixed in the next release. RR promised the release today or tomorrow(along with Xcode 6.3 support). This is an un-initialized variable bug. That is why it comes and goes. I found the if I side loaded the app via an .ipa from iTunes it did not crash. You can even load an app with a distribution profile into iTunes and snag the resulting .ipa and submit the .ipa with the Application Loader. I got one of these random crash apps approved after running thru iTunes. I guess necessity IS the mother of invention. But I digress... See bug and also of iOS crash interest 

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Subject: iOS app crashes under iOS 8.3 sporadically when doing a revopendb

Under iOS 8.3 one of my apps sporadically crashes when opening an sqlite database. 
In the majority of  cases a 2nd start of the app (sometimes after 5th or 10th start) resolves this problem and it´s possible to open and close the db as often as one likes. But when restarting the app it could happen that  the app again crashes when opening the sqlite database.

I am at a loss with that. Has anyone else noticed such behavior?


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