ABC of arrays

Dick Kriesel dick.kriesel at
Tue Apr 21 00:44:08 CEST 2015

> On Apr 20, 2015, at 1:38 PM, Bob Sneidar <bobsneidar at> wrote:
> One other confusing thing is that if you check a variable containing an array for empty it will return true.

Lay that confusion to rest, Bob.  Here’s a snip from release notes I found for 6.0.1:

From 6.0 DP 3 onwards, expressions such as 'tArray is empty' will be true if and only if tArray contains the empty string.

For example:
put empty into tArray
answer tArray is empty -- true put 100 into tArray["foo"]
answer tArray is empty -- false (prior to 6.0 this would be 'true')

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