Stacks and livecode server?

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Mon Apr 20 09:03:25 EDT 2015

Hi Eric,

Revlets are very unlikely to come back. RunRev is working on an HTML5 
export feature. That is probably what you want.

Apart from that, it is easy to write a script to export data from 
LiveCode to a website. There are several people on this list who use 
LiveCode as a CMS, including me.

Currently, you can't put a stack on the server and display its GUI in a 
browser. Actual stacks can run only without GUI. To display the GUI, 
you'll have to wait for HTML5.

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On 4/20/2015 14:53, Eric A. Engle wrote:
> There was a revolution plug in which allowed stacks to be served (I believe as "revlets"). I know that has been cancelled, at least for now.
> Meanwhile, I have installed livecode for cgi, which and it works.
> I searched the internet to see if the livecode server can be used to serve stacks somehow, or is basically only useful for cgi. Surprisingly, I didn't find anything, or at least nothing useful.
> Is there a way to serve entire stacks, other than asking the user to download a standalone? Or is there a way to convert stacks into web pages, including the livecode scripts as calls to cgi?
> Thank you.
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