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Sun Apr 19 16:38:13 EDT 2015

Hi Pete,

Can you use the short id?

put the short id of fld "text" into x
put "deux" into word 2 of fld x

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On 4/19/2015 22:20, Peter M. Brigham wrote:
> So I have a field, let's say field "text", with the contents "one two three four".
> if I do this:
>     put the long id of fld "text" into fRef
>     put "deux" into word 2 of fRef
> it puts "deux" into word 2 of "field id 1022 of stack…" and doesn't resolve fRef as a field reference.
> But if I do:
>     put the text of fRef into tText
> it *does* resolve fRef as a field reference, as I would expect. It appears that the engine only resolves these references when the context/syntax indicates that it should expect an object reference, and not otherwise.
> Is there any way I can put "deux" into word 2 of the field without jumping through hoops, like
>     put "deux" into newWord
>     do "put newWord into word two of" && fRef
> ??
> I don't want to do:
>     put the text of fRef into tText
>     put "deux" into word 2 of tText
>     set the text of fRef to tText
> because the field may contain formatted text that I want to preserve.
> ideas? or am I stuck with hoops?
> -- Peter

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