Basic Table Field prints as one solid color

Scott Rossi scott at
Sun Apr 19 14:07:54 EDT 2015

Did you try making the field transparent (disable opaque)?

Here's a suggestion from the "goofy workarounds" category...

You say the field prints correctly with no text.  How about empty lines with only return characters?  If that works, and assuming the field can be scrolled, maybe you could try:

- store the scroll value of the field and it's text
- set the text of the field to some number of empty lines that allows restoring the scroll
- import a snapshot of the field at the field's rect with grid intact
- set the ink effect of the snapshot to multiply
- restore the field's text and scroll
- disable the field's grid (so the snapshot is used as visible grid)
- print
- restore the grid and delete the snapshot

If scrolling is not needed, you can skip the part about setting the empty lines and setting the scroll.

I know this ranks about 11 on the goofiness scale, but maybe worth a try.


Scott Rossi
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> On Apr 19, 2015, at 8:39 AM, Paul Dupuis <paul at> wrote:
> Help!
> I am trying to print a card with a single field on it. The field is a
> basic table field (i.e. hGrid and vGrid set to true, dontWrap to true,
> etc.). I.e. all the standard field settings you get when you drag a
> "Basic Table Field" off the tool palette in LC6.6.5, 6.7.4, or 7.0.4.
> The same issue/error is present in all 3 versions of LC, although I am
> working in LC6.6.5 under Windows.
> If either the vGrid or hGrid are set to true, the field prints as a
> solid block of color of whatever the field borderColor is set to. You
> test this by creating a new stack. Place a single table field on stack.
> Populate the field with some data (a few columns and rows)  and execute
> "Print cd" in the message box. NOTE: It is important the field has data.
> An empty table field prints with the grid drawn correctly as expected,
> but any data in the table gets printed as a block of the borderColor.
> Has anyone encountered this issue? Does anyone have a work-around that
> lets a table field with it's grids on be printed properly? I have tried
> explicitly setting the stack bgColor, cd bgColor and fld bgColor to
> white, the text color to black and the borderColor of the field to grey,
> but that just gets me a grey block instead of a black block.
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