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Ray ray at
Thu Apr 16 17:00:29 EDT 2015

Klaus - thanks for the idea.  Just to check my method of concatenation, 
the exact command I'm using is:
       get shell("attrib -HSA "&desktopIniPath&"")   -- where 
desktopIniPath is the path to the file

It doesn't work and I see no change in the file's Attributes, Type or 
Size.  Livecode returns nothing in the result.

Several other oddities I've neglected to mention; if I manually set a 
folder's icon (in the Properties window) I can then get Livecode to work 
as expected as long as I delete the folder I manually set and re-create 
it in Livecode (same name, same path).  Seems like something's going on 
with the registry.  Also, after creating the desktop.ini file from 
within Livecode I can /see /the file on the desktop even though I've got 
"Don't show hidden files, folder or drives" checked in Folder Options.  
If the system creates the desktop.ini file it's hidden.

On 4/16/2015 10:37 AM, Klaus major-k wrote:
> Hi Ray,
>> Am 16.04.2015 um 21:57 schrieb Ray <ray at>:
>> Mike,
>> I've been wrestling with this again this morning and I'm unable to get the icon to display at all, let alone concern myself with paths.
>> I'm using revCopyFolder to create the folder I want by duplicating an existing folder with the .ico file in it.  RevCopyFolder duplicates the folder to another location and it includes the .ico file in the folder but it excludes the dektop.ini file.  I can create one from within Livecode but it doesn't work.  I can see why, too.  If I right-click it, choose Properties and go to the Details tab I can see that the Desktop.ini file I made in Livecode has Attributes of "A" while the one Windows 8.1 make (when I manually set a folder icon in the folder's properties window) has Attributes of "HSA".  Sounds like some sort of housing authority:)
>> I've tried using RevCopyFile to duplicate the Desktop.ini file with the proper attributes to my new folder but it also fails.  Evidently Windows 8.1 blocks this, even though there's no other Desktop.ini file present yet.
>> So at this point I'm stuck unless I can find some way within Livecode to set the Attributes of the Desktop.ini file I create to "HSA".
>> Any ideas?
> can’t you use something like (out of my head!):
> ...
> get shell("attrib -HSA path/to/inifile.ini“)
> Best
> Klaus
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