Release: LiveCode 8.0.0 DP 2

Roger Eller roger.e.eller at
Tue Apr 14 19:05:30 CEST 2015

I like to use a backdrop in the IDE to eliminate distractions.  So I type
"set backDrop to gray" in the message box.  When I quit and reopen
LiveCode, the backdrop defaults to black.  It used to retain the last
backdrop color that was set.


On Mon, Apr 13, 2015 at 12:31 PM, Ali Lloyd <ali at> wrote:

> Dear list members,
> We are pleased to announce the release of LiveCode 8.0 DP 2.
> Warning: this is not a stable release. Please ensure you back up your
> stacks before testing them.
> Known issues with 8.0.0 DP 2:
> - The new property inspector lacks some properties present in the old
> property inspector
> - The supplied widgets are examples and lack features and general
> robustness
> - The extension builder plugin “Test” feature fails if the widget being
> tested is already installed - uninstalling the widget and restarting the
> IDE should help
> - All installed widgets are built into any standalones produced - this will
> be addressed in DP 3
> This release contains the following changes:
> LiveCode Builder
> LiveCode Builder is a variant of the current LiveCode scripting language
> (LiveCode Script) which has been designed for 'systems' building. It is
> statically compiled with optional static typing and direct foreign code
> interconnect (allowing easy access to APIs written in other languages). The
> compiled bytecode can then be packaged together with any required resources
> (icons, documentation, images, etc) into a .lce extension package.
> The property inspector has been rewritten to allow properties of widgets to
> be inspected and edited. It has been implemented with flexibility and
> extensibility in mind, since it must be able to control the values of
> widget properties in any way required by the widget developer.
> The dictionary has been replaced, now using the CEF browser object in order
> to be able to display dynamically generated content, namely the API and/or
> user guide of installed widgets and libraries.
> Also we are starting to replace controls in the IDE with widgets. All the
> palettes now use widgets for their headers and footers, and the variable
> viewer in the debugger has been replaced by a tree view widget.
> We are aware that as the IDE undergoes this transition there may be
> features you rely on which are missing or which don't function as expected.
> Please report any such issues so that we can fix them as soon as possible.
> Image metadata
> A new read only image property has been added to access the metadata in the
> image file.
> Feature: Popup Widgets
> Added the ability to use widgets within popup dialog windows.
> 50 Bug fixes:
> Engine
> [15056] Read from file for (x | x chars | x bytes) returns empty
> [14996] LCB-Canvas: polyline path
> [14961] Gradient - Quality set to "good" makes LC crash
> [15130] IDE: Extension builder should remember selected application for
> opening lcb files
> [15048] Extension manager displays incorrect icon for libraries
> [15014] PI chokes on objects with margins property set to different numbers
> [15008] Copy lci file to appropriate place when installing library
> [15007] Extension Plugin: Library interface files not included in package
> [14998] Extensions Plugin doesn't display resources
> [14968] IDE: Message box doesn't report errors correctly
> [14934] Tools palette does not generate fully on first run.
> [14917] New substack of com.livecode.pi.titler
> [14911] After Adding Widget, Toolbox Is The Wrong Height
> [14907] Break into stack "revPaletteBehavior"
> [14754] Extension Manager: All extensions show in the widgets tab whether
> they are one or not when first downloaded
> [14742] PI Editor: Text align
> [14740] PI Editor: Custom Properties
> [13475] in the openstack handler dispatching a mouseUp to a btn does not
> work correctly
> [13447] Project Browser control layer display
> [13417] IDE systemVersion comparison no longer works with Yosemite
> [13398] Sample - Book Library.livecode edit and delete features broken
> [13362] Script editor opens revmenubar script when no other stack is open
> [13343] Cannot install Android standalone on some devices
> [13215] Can't type in output field of message box
> [13191] FIX: flip graphic horizontally and vertically for complex graphics
> [13159] Palettes not observing decorations under certain circumstances
> [12880] File->Exit should be File->Quit
> [11755] flip graphic gives erroneous results with complex graphics
> LiveCode Builder Tools
> [14893] Emit warnings for identifiers that may cause problems.
> [14939] Compiler truncates integer literals if too big.
> [14950] Integer literal pattern is too general.
> [14956] Do not warn for metadata before use.
> [15029] Ensure that exit repeat works correctly in nested repeat up to /
> down to / for each loops.
> LiveCode Builder Language
> [14906] Change 'as <Type>' to 'returns nothing' or 'returns <Type>' in
> handler return type definitions.
> [14933] Make identifiers case-insensitive.
> LiveCode Builder Host Library
> [14541] Widgets should be able to popup system menus
> [14805] LCB-Canvas: close path on mPath example is incorrect
> [14898] Add access to widget's effective font.
> [14964] Crash when calling a handler with 'any' type parameter form LCS.
> [14997] image with file accepts url prefix
> [15005] Logging a list fails if its element types are not strings or
> booleans
> [15012] Fix OnClick and provide a way to get the number of successive
> clicks.
> [15035] Svg path loses data in roundtrip
> [15060] Printing a card containing a widget causes a crash.
> [15128] OnMouseMove doesn't fire if there is more than one widget on a
> card.
> [15138] Map elements inside lists to arrays correctly.
> LiveCode Builder Standard Library
> [14678] Throw error on domain error in log10() and ln()
> [14679] Throw error on domain error in pow()
> [14681] Throw error on domain error in asin() and acos()
> [14846] Fixed and reinstated "offset before" and "offset after"
> [14889] Throw error when "converted from base _" fails
> LiveCode 8 is in an early stage of development so we’d love to hear any
> feedback you have on it. There are a number of features that we’d like to
> implement but aren’t ready yet  and the existing features are subject to
> change during development - we can’t guarantee that extensions written in
> DP1 will continue to work in later versions.
> Please report any bugs encountered on our Bugzilla at
> We have a forum available for discussing LiveCode Builder at
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