How to enter the Android Sdk Location when it is in "Library"

Michael Doub mikedoub at
Mon Apr 13 16:07:27 EDT 2015

I think I answered my own question with this process:

1) using the finder locate the sdk directory by holding down the option 
key and navigate using the GO menu.
2) make an alias for the sdk directory
3) move the alias somewhere out of the Library directory
4) now update the livecode preferences to point at the alias

-= Mike

On 4/13/15 3:42 PM, Michael Doub wrote:
> I just installed Android Studio.  It installs the sdk in 
> /User/mike/Libraries/Android/sdk.   I have not figured out a way to 
> enter this path into the mobile preferences section.   Can any one 
> provide me with some guidance?   I filled a bug report, but I need a 
> work around.
> Thanks
>    Mike

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