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I had asked Mark Waddingham this very question a short while back. he replied (LCB is liveCode Builder):

@dunbarx: LCB does not require explicit typing nor will it ever require it. Indeed, it has always been my long held belief that typing should be treated as 'metadata' - indeed, in general use I refer to type declarations on variables as 'type annotations'. One of the things we are trying to achieve (and, indeed, am absolutely sure that we can!) is a situation where you can write code and have the choice. If you choose to use them then the compiler can identify faults in your code at the point of compilation, if not then you might get errors at runtime just as you do now in LCS. (Also, as a happy side-effect, when we make the compiler/VM 'competent' enough such annotations will also help towards greater performance).

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Wait, so LC8 will have typed variables? We will have to declare every
variable with its type before we use it? Or will this be optional?

is optional.

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