HTML5 Export and Javascript

Shawn Beagle shawnblc at
Sun Apr 5 22:10:45 EDT 2015

Bi-directional JS is already being done, even in production.  I don’t know what the plans are or how it’ll work with LC, but if it’s anything like some of the solutions out there now that connect to a mongoldb painlessly and is reactive in both the client and the server … it’ll be an awesome LC experience for all of us!  At that point, I think LC will dominate the world ;)

Think LC + HTML5 & JS = reactive in both the client and the server with no refreshing.

> On Apr 5, 2015, at 20:17, Colin Holgate <colinholgate at> wrote:
> Not LC, but I’ve done some higher level tools exporting to HTML5 stuff already. What you end up with is going to be Javascript, and HTML DOM. The higher level tool needs to give access to the DOM, at which point you should be able to talk to any other Javascript on the page.
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