Getting LC 8

Robert L. robert at
Fri Apr 3 08:13:11 EDT 2015


Is this with the “commercial” version of LC?  If so, I’ve experienced this 

There is no commercial version 8 DP yet, only the community edition.  I 
think it has to do with the way they autoupdater checks to see if 
something newer is available. It sees a newer version, but the check isn’t 
edition specific (from whatI can tell).  When  you try to update, it fails 
because there really isn’t a file to download.

R/ Robert

On 4/3/15, 3:21 AM, "Graham Samuel" <livfoss at> wrote:

>I keep getting offered a version of LC 8 by the automatic update process 
>when I open LC 7.0.4 (rc 2), but the update always fails. This happens on 
>two different Macs. 
>Is it just me, or should I report it?
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