Connexion to external device

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Thu Apr 2 11:08:37 EDT 2015

You wrote:

"I wrote a simple LiveCode program running on OSX, Win, Linux, iOS and
... KindleFire (the only Android that I have), connecting an Arduino Uno
R3 + Arduino WiFi Shield. The program read the 6 analog port values and
can read/set the only 4 digital pin (5,6,8,9) remaining free when you
use the WiFi Shield (which, as probably you know, use a lot of pin :

To increase the I/O I'm now trying to move to Arduino Mega 2560 ... ;-)

All the exchange of information is done using the HTTP/GET protocol, so
quite easy ...

If you need more info or help, free to contact me off-list ... :-)"

I am trying to send and receive information to a Valiant Roamer (turtle)
over a USB connexion (cross-platform) and would be most grateful for any 

Richmond Mathewson.

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