Data Crid - set the dgNumberOfRecords

JB sundown at
Thu Apr 2 05:16:07 CEST 2015

I am using a table form of data grid and trying
to display the records using a cursor and then
setting the dgNumberOfRecords.

I am able to get the cursor and the record count
of the cursor and I can get dgNumberOfRecords
before I set dgNumberOfRecords.

I want to set dgNumberOfRecords so the records
are displayed dynamically like is done in the sample
stack for displaying a large number of records.

Am I supposed to set up the GetDataForLine or the
dgNumberOfRecords in my data grid somehow?

When I set dgNumberOfRecords nothing else happens
and any script after that does not work either.

Anyone have a clue why it stops or a different stack that
shows how to use it properly?

John Balgenorth

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