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Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Fri Sep 19 09:19:03 CEST 2014

Is the validation of your LiveCode license checked online against runrevs
database when launching LC, or is the expiration date of your license stored
locally? Will LiveCode also stop working when being offline, if your license
has expired?
Does anybody know, how the LiveCode licensing system actually works?

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> On Fri, Sep 19, 2014 at 5:06 AM, JB <sundown at> wrote:
> > People value their software and the programming tools they spend time
> > using to make it.
> >
> > What if for some reason or another LiveCode went out of business.
> If I remember correctly JB you are on Mac, so maybe a better question
would be
> what happens if you go out of business.
> If an architectural firm buys 20 Mac Pros + 20 Thunderbolt Display + 20
> of AutoCAD LT which currently run at U$899.99 a pop, and tomorrow that
> business went bust how much is that U$18,000 software purchase worth...
> Some day, accountants, and individuals are going to realise that every
> purchase they make through the App Store or iTunes (so not just software
> music and movies as well) is instantly worth $0 because Apple allows now
> for you to fire sale your software, music and movies.
> * Actually it's worse than that. You don't have to go out of business all
> have to do is change your address - to a new country. There have been many
> cases where individuals have moved country only to discover when they
> and update their Apple ID info, large amounts of their App Store/iTunes
> purchases have disappeared forever.
> store.html
> I don't think Runrev care about where you live, so if you are sleeping at
> night with the license agreement you have with Apple I can't see why you
> worried about Runrev's license
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