Congrats LC 7.0! You finally broke my DB!

Mark Mitchell cowhead at
Tue Sep 9 22:44:37 CEST 2014

First of all, LC is an absolutely amazing product.  It's actually so amazing that I don't want to tell anyone about it, as I can make my computer dance and sing, and everyone thinks I am a programming wiz... 

However, my basic data base app has been running my small company for about 14 years?  I think it started with the free meta-card, which was limited to just 10 lines of code, so you had to keep passing your code from hidden object to object, in order to keep it free... anyone remember those days?  It was like NASA controlling Voyager!  Then, this app went through paid metacard, Revolution Beta, paid Revolution, all versions of Livecode and FINALLY LC 7.0 managed to break it...

I don't want to seem like a whiner; I HAVE paid hundreds of dollars for various incarnations and complicated licenses of this, ever since I was a beta tester.  (And I never received a stuffed animal!)

But this DB app has run on, quite literally, more than 20 different computers and various operating systems.  It has managed my company and allowed me to raise more than 7 cats.

The DB used 'color coding' of the lines, so the color of the lines is vital information.  LC 7.0 erases all the previous 13 year of coloring on the entire fields and reverts them to plain text.. thus dumping 13 years of essential information.

All is OK, for the time being, I have trashed LC 7.0 and restored all stacks (which worked fine with LC 6.6 but will not open with LC 7.0).  

I have tested on multiple machines, and it has failed, yet it still works fine on LC 6.6.  Is this not a bug?  I have a feeling it is tied to the revamped unicode which LC 7.0 has promised, but which I have not yet had a chance to test.

I have narrowed down the offending code to this:
global planDate,linNum
 put "absolutely anything" into line linNum of card field "plan"
It gets 'put' alright, but card field "plan" loses all previous formatting.  
Big, big bug if it changes folks' stacks forever!

I've tried putting a global or a non-variable, and I get the same result.
I would say I am doing something stupid, but I didn't DO anything, except upgrade to 7.0

(edit: in a previous post, I included an extraneous 'the' as I was testing to see if the type of variable mattered.  Anyway, the 'the' doesn't matter.  You still lose formatting without it.)

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