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Thanks very much Kay and Tiemo!

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>> Hello,
>> Has anyone used Valentina database with LC?
>> Yes, for many years now.
>> If so, what is your experience with it?
>> Love it. Especially if you need speed and simplified table 
>> relationships -
> Binary Links are great.
>> Is it a product that a newbie (me) could reasonably learn how to use with
>> LC?
>> Probably not at your stage.
> I am a hobbyist. I was moderately competent with HC when I moved to
> Revolution which is now LC. Because of LC db capabilities I then played
> with MySQL and SQLite with some success, but again I was fluent with LC at
> the time. In the search for more speed I went to Valentina. Having some
> knowledge of SQL and pretty fluent with LC made the move to Valentina less
> bumpy.
> Noting your many bumps along the path of LC enlightenment I'm not sure
> getting tangled with Valentina right now would be painless. I note 
> frequent
> posts on the Valentina Users List about people who get stuck installing
> Valentina for LC. It's a simple 2 step process, but as most people's
> experience with installers is that it does absolutely everything for them,
> they regular seem to miss the need for the 2nd step.
> I do recommend you download Valentina Studio, it's free - I'll explain
> later.
>> P.S. If you have a recommendation for a database that is REALLY easy to
>> use with LC, please let me know.
>> Whether you are just interested in trying out LC's database capabilities,
> or have a real need to do something with a database, unless you definitely
> need something fed from a web server you can't go wrong with SQLite. It's
> already installed on your computer (it is for OS X and I'm pretty sure it
> is the same for Win and Linux) so there is ZERO installation process to go
> through. It's free and will always be free - unlike MySQL which has a
> pretty convoluted licensing structure which most people can't understand
> and so you'll often see a suggestion to 'contact MySQL, give them your 
> case
> and see what they say'.
> You can download the free Valentina Studio which allows you to build, view
> and test SQLite dbs. Makes it really easy with LC (or any other 
> programming
> environment) to test SQL statements outside of LC to determine is it the 
> LC
> code that is wrong or the SQL statement. There are also plenty of online
> tutorials for SQLite so you can play with Valentina Studio + SQLite first,
> make sure you've got the basics of dbs organised and working before taking
> the next step and seeing if you can get LC to talk to the db you've 
> created.
> Unless you have very large data sets it is unlikely that you'll notice any
> real speed difference. Yes, you might be able to prove that Valentina is a
> couple of ms faster, but to the user it all happens within the blink of an
> eye. Even then, if you do have huge data sets, you can do all your 
> learning
> and testing with SQLite, once you feel you know what you are doing, you 
> can
> download a trial version of Valentina, export all the data out of SQLite
> and import it into a Valentina db, create your own 'realistic' benchmark
> test and see the difference for yourself. You'll then know exactly what 
> you
> are getting for your money.
> There are many LC + SQLite users on this List, and a couple of gurus, so 
> if
> you run into trouble help is not far away.
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