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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sun Oct 26 14:29:49 EDT 2014

larry wrote:

 > Richard,
 > It appears to me that you missed my point.

Indeed, and apparently I'm not alone in that.

I understand that you want a tool for your own personal use that is 
separate from what others would have access to.  You've made the request 
rather frequently here, and I appreciate that you've submitted this to 
the bug report DB as well (#10887 for those who may want to add comments 
there).  So please rest assured your desire for this specific tool is 
well recognized here.

As useful as your request may be, it seems that a greater number 
community members would rather focus their own time on shared information.

This isn't to say that your desire for a more personal tool doesn't have 
merit, but merely that in the role of Community Manager my own focus 
will tend to reflect things that can benefit the community as a whole.

Given the frequency with which you express your desire to have this tool 
written for you, I had hoped you'd have noticed when Peter Haworth 
generously did exactly that - please let me post the relevant excerpt 
from his recent email a third time here:

  > I have a free plugin that allows you to enter your own notes
  > and tags about a dictionary entry.  They are local to you so
  > not available to all users.
  > If interested, you can find it at

On this I'm in complete agreement:

 > Also, it would be nice to search on the body and notes of the
 > Dictionary. If that is currently possible (in 6.1.1) I do not
 > know how to do it.

Full-text search can be handy, but sometimes prone to returning too many 

Still, better than not having it at all.

I'd like to see a tag system introduced, so both the core team and the 
community could supply tags for token entries.  That would help with the 
majority of "I couldn't find it" moments when the search term doesn't 
match the exact token name, but would allow for more precise results 
than most free-text indexing could offer.

I'll discuss both with Ben at the next Community meeting.

  Richard Gaskin
  LiveCode Community Manager
  richard at

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