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> Le 26 oct. 2014 à 03:27, Kay C Lan <lan.kc.macmail at> a écrit :

> Again, I FULLY SUPPORT Richard's recommendation that if anyone notices any
> errors or even believes there should be better examples, Notes, Tips or
> inclusions in the Dictionary and User Guide, then PLEASE submit them to:
> Whilst they may not appear in the next cycle, I do appreciate that an
> improved Dictionary is being worked on, and like LC itself, that has come
> forward leaps and bounds in the last year, I'm sure all the corrections the
> Community adds to the Bug DB in relation to the Dictionary will eventually
> come back to us in the form of much better documentation.
> After entry in the Bug DB, a quick post to this List giving everyone here a
> heads up of what you've found would also be much appreciated.

I fully agree. The dictionary is very important to shape the first impression of newcomers about LC. I have read and heard several disparaging comments about the documentation which are a very negative publicity for this fantastic product. I perfectly understand that it is far more interesting and stimulating for the small staff in Edinburgh to develop new features - and they are brilliant at that - than devote time and energy to do the house cleaning on the documentation. But it's a vital part of how their work is appreciated outside. I would suggest Kevin to establish a weekly "hour of dictionary cleaning" for everybody. Most of the dictionary problems could be solved in such a short time.

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