Sort cards doesn't work in 7.0

Timothy Miller gandalf at
Sat Oct 25 13:59:59 EDT 2014

Sorry about the panic yesterday. My “corrupted” stacks do open in 7.0 and I was able to save a version in format 5.5. They open up just fine in version 6.7. My precious data is retrieved and my backup negligence is forever cured.

A tiny problem triggered my panic attack yesterday. That tiny problem persists. The following button script works in 6.7, doesn’t work in 7.0. I quote verbatim, trivial as it is:

on mouseUp
   sort cards numeric by field "intakeSecs"
  answer the result
end mouseUp

The result is empty even when the script doesn’t work.
The field “intakesecs” is present on every card in both versions, and contains the correct values.
The sort cards command also fails in the message box, in 7.0.
I tried timing execution of the script in both versions. In 6.7 it takes 25 ms. In 7.0 it takes 3 ms.
Apparently the sort cards command is not executing at all in 7.0

The script fails both on my aging MacMini with OS 10.7.5 and my newer MacBook, with OS 10.9.5

I suppose this might be a 7.0 bug, but it seems likely that such a bug would have been discovered before now. I wonder if there is a change in required syntax in 7.0 that I should know about. I read the release notes and I can’t find it.

Please advise.

Tim Miller

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