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> I wasn't aware that Monte had released a final version of that.  

It's been in beta since January but with very few reports. Probably because nobody is using it... Trevor, Martin, Myself and Todd could be it... I made a couple of tweaks the other day actually so I'll upload built versions to when I get a chance. I've recently been informed RunRev will be tackling this issue in LC 8 but I will continue to maintain lcVCS until I'm sure their solution takes into account the multitude of complications I had to tackle to make something functional (actually it really comes down to two core issues). I've offered to advise them of the issues they will face (if they don't want merging to be a nightmare) but I'm not sure if they plan to take me up on that yet.

I have some extra Git-lcVCS-IDE integration tools that I haven't released publicly though. That's the cool stuff and that still does need a bit more work. Particularly the Team menu it adds to the menubar makes the menu quite slow so I need to spend some time on that but I'm not sure it's worthwhile now that RunRev are looking at the problem.

> I believe that Trevor's been using it, though, and since he uses behaviors extensively perhaps he can share some tips on working around that limitation.

Behaviors are saved as an id and a stack name and no matter how you set them that's what the internal reference is. lcVCS handles behaviors fine (and image ids etc) as long as the stackFile import/export order is right. It also has a plugin system to support libraries and custom controls that save object references like DataGrid templates etc. What lcVCS can't ensure is that if you hard code an id into a script everything will work because when changes are merged ids can change if there are two new objects on different branches with the same id. 

Anyway it all gets rather curly from here and I start boring people about UUIDs so I won't go on...



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