Extended ASCII Characters Showing Up Where Not Wanted...

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Your code will not throw an error, but the engine will not know what field you are referencing.

put word one of the selectedText of fld "yourFieldHere" into tFirstName

There should be no issue with this, unless the names were imported from somewhere that already contained the  extra chars

Also, and this is a matter of style, I would always use "1" instead of the constant "one".

Craig Newman

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Hi All…

I have a list of names in a field.

John Doe
Mary Jane
etc. etc.

When I do: 

put word one of the selectedText into tFirstname
put word two of the selectedText into tLastname

…and then try using the variables in an INSERT to SQL Lite it fails. It seems 
the put script above is inserting the extend ascii 168 character “¿” (upside 
down question mark). 

How do I clear those unwanted ascii characters out of my name variables? And why 
are they in there to begin with? It doesn’t seem like it should be just adding 
invisible characters to this process. I figured it out by adding the variable to 
a text editor and showing invisibles. Is this a bug?

Thanks for any advice!

John Patten
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