Can you please enlighten me on the LiveCode versions?

Thu Oct 16 12:20:18 EDT 2014


I've been searching for some answers but have not found any yet.  The question is which version of LiveCode should I be using?  LiveCode 6.6.4 (rc1) was just announced... what about LiveCode 7.0 (rc2)?  I'm just confused as to why LiveCode is putting effort into what seems to me to be two parallel programs doing the same thing at which at one point I assume they will be phased out and we'll have LiveCode 8.0.   Any input will greatly relieve my mind and maybe give me better info as to which version I need to be using while waiting on version 8.0.   By-the-way,  I been waiting for the better part of a year waiting for sockets to be available for mobile devices.  Any hope you can give me on that front?  I really don't want to die of old age before I get a chance to create apps just waiting for mobile sockets (iOS and Android).  Thanks but don't send me info for third party solutions to mobile sockets... tried them and they suck.  Got sockets working on Mac/PC and I simply LOVE the way you guys have done this.  Just hoping the implementation on mobile devices are going to be similar.


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