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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Oct 15 16:58:07 EDT 2014

John wrote:

 >    When I run an app in the IDE, stacks with a style of “palette”
 > auto hide when another application is brought to the front.  This
 > is the expected behavior.  When I build the app, the windows do
 > not auto hide, they become disabled.  Am I expected to script the
 > auto hide behavior or is this a bug?  I am running LC 7 RC2 under
 > OS 10.9.5.

This sounds like an issue with the hidePalettes global property.  It 
should default to true on OS X, and false on Windows and Linux (it has 
no effect on Linux at all at this time).

If you're finding it defaulting to false on OS X then according to the 
Dictionary that would be a bug, so please file a report against it so it 
can be addressed before v7 goes final:

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